SNC PROGRAMMING CC was established in 1986, offering the engineering field scientific numerical controlled programs. This entailed the design of components using a computer aided design program, commonly known as CAD, as well as the development of programs to expedite the components on the computerized machinery. As the market evolved we found the need to expand into computer hardware and internet services.



As the IT market expanded we noticed that the consumers were being taken advantage of due to their inexperience in the field.  As a result we realigned our goals and set out to do things differently.  We decided that when selling a computer to a customer we would first evaluate what their individual computing needs were, as a result we were able to offer our clients custom made machines, with personal assistance. It was from this that we realized the importance of personal service. 


You will be thrilled to know that to this day we have not realigned our goals of attaining complete customer satisfaction and although the technology might have changed we still take the time to determine exactly what your needs are.


As the years progressed, so did the needs of our customers.  There were continuous enquires for more and more items, items that had not even occurred to us, this sparked our need to increase our product range.  Thus, our impressive product inventory was born, coupled with impeccable service.